Building Non-Profit Pet Shelter's Credit from SCRATCH?

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for the past couple months while working on my fixer, on the sidelines had been dealing with alot of stray cats on the property (its a huge lot for the area) and 'catching' the feral cats and taking them to the shelter to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated then released and wished they were closer and so wonder why not get a shelter started in my city since theres none not even 1 that i could find after looking all over. heck even animal control is outsourced to the surrrounding city (long beach) and county (los angeles). 

of course wouldnt do it from my residence, so will need to start building credit up for occasionally ordering supplies and services (ie vaccines) for rescues in the future shelter, if this city allows for such. as for securing the shelter location i doubt i'd use mortgage or loan as i've so far always done fine enuf buying properties cash and somehow making ends meet, however barely.

right now i dont even have a taxpayer EID. do non-profits need one? it won't be employing anyone anytime soon, but i would like to get secured credit started and then work from there.  

this is just an idea and if i lose interest in the animal shelter non-profit, i'd likely get into some other non-profit function anyways as since college, i've always been into environmental & humanitarian efforts (mostly overseas) one way or another. (note m not a supporter of greenpeace, and obviously not of PETA=)

so what are some good secured credit card companies that issue to nonprofits?

(note the forum topic indicates 'Credit Lines' but i could not find a reasonably suitable subtopic to list under so i chose the 1st one in the list.)

EID is one, but you want to incorporate as a non-profit organization and apply for 501(c)3 status of IRS.  In this way, all donations to your non-profit is tax-deductible.  You can also apply for grants as 501(c)3 non-profit.  You may want to check California law for non-profit as well  (both corporate and tax law)  Running a non-profit is as same as running a company.  If it is not managed financially well, it can bankrupt as well.  You may want to plan carefully as if you are starting your own company.  Even for a building, there is a process of public interest design.  You can secure a grant or grants to pay for the design fee for a building.  It is hard to find a grant to actually construct a building, but yo may be able to find different strategies to fundraise, like crowdfunding.  In this same, it is same as creative financing of real estate investing.

arigato, Masaki! *VOTED*

so i will...

get an EID

incorporate as a nonprofit 

 apply for 501(c)3 status @ IRS

apply for grants as 501(c)3 non-profit

am not even aware yet of public interest design.. u sound like an architect as well as an investor! =D

yea, doubt i'd/we'd want to rely on donated or granted money for building, it will be my gift back to the public as my own net worth continues to grow. but yea, crowdfunding sounds like a fun source to explore in the interim! thanks again Masaki!!

My family has been involved in animal rescue for years. You have had good advice so far. Definitely do the 501(c)3 ASAP. You can try things like Gofundme to raise money. Contacting local media to spread the word on your efforts is another free way to get the word out to potential supporters. Once you get your non-profit set up, make a website & apply to 1800petmeds to be included in their charity list. Non-profits get goodie boxes from them for free. Lots of great animal related products to use just for putting their link on your site. Contact local rescues in your are for their input to help you get a plan. They will want you to succeed because they are usually overloaded with animals needing help.

Good luck

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