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Hi, I am an Interior Designer/Decorator in Wellington Fl (West of West Palm Beach). I have experience in re-modeling projects for clients but is now looking to profit from house flipping myself. I already have Contractors, re-hab teams and a good friend who is a real estate agent; who would be able to get the properties market ready and sold quickly. I am thinking I could get Hard Money to borrow BUT cash for reserves is an issue at this time. I would be willing to do all the work if I could find someone interested in the idea of partnering with me - holding a second position on a mortgage. Thoughts or advise anyone? Thanks.

Iris Grant

Thanks Brian!

I am close.  Would need to see a portfolio of what you have done and we can chat.  You ca n also shoot me a PM so we can discuss.  



Will put one together for you. Thanks a bunch...Will be in touch


I live in wellington but I'm not quite ready to get started yet (finishing up my bachelors degree). Id love to hear about your experience in this market though once you get started!

Yes Chris, We can keep in touch...


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