Who would you recommend for a private lender in Florida

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I am mainly investing in Tallahassee, FL and I am currently seeking additional funds for current and future projects.

How much do you have to put down yourself - 50%.  If so, I can help.

Hey Darren, putting down 50% would be a stretch for me and continuing to maintain my other investing responsibilities. 

How about 25% down?

25% is more realistic for me. Do you find the rehab costs for rehabs?

Aaron after viewing your website looks like all your deals funded in California.

What requirement for your company to be 2nd note holder ?

It seems your typical loans run 6 through 12 months, but what are your company requirements for long term buy hold ?

Only a personal inquiry even through thread should be under the marketplace.

One of my funds is quickly rolling out nationally, and we are up to 14 states.  Unfortunately Wisconsin is not yet one of them, but Florida just opened up recently.

Second liens should not exceed 65% CLTV, and less than that is truly preferable.

Buy and hold loans are not our strong suit, though I have some private beneficiaries willing to give 5 year notes at most of the deal appeals to them.  However, those deals really are California specific.

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