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What are the possibilities when it comes to pulling equity out of a rental house? I would love the flexibility of a HELOC but no one will give it if it isn't a primary residence. I have 50k equity in a 75k house. What are my options?

@George Sass . I don't have a great answer for you but I believe that TD Bank does HELOC on investment properties. At least their calculator on their website has that option to calculate your potential credit limit. Check them out if they are anywhere near you.

Check out your local banks, especially credit unions. I was able to get one from my credit union.

Check out the marketplace here on BP. There are plenty of lenders offering investors the ability to pull equity out of their rentals. Also try some local portfolio lenders. You won't be able to get a traditional 80% or 90% LTV HELOC like with a primary residence, but I'm sure you can pull some of your equity out one way or another.

I tried 2 credit unions so I'll continue my search through those and I'll definitely check out TD. Thanks for the responses thus far!

TD looks like a a strikeout just by looking at their website. I'll give them a call tomorrow just to verify, but it doesn't look good. Looks like my next step is to google local Credit Unions. I should probably try to establish a relationship with a good investor friendly Credit Union anyhow for potential flexibility in the future. I'll also be checking out the marketplace. 

Keep searching. My local bank had always said no but was persistent and kept asking. They changed rule jan 1 and I pulled out equity and used to buy 2 more. Not as good of rate or length of term as traditional heloc but still am happy to have found it

If you have a family member who was in the service, you can open an account with Navy Federal Credit Union. They offer a 70% LTV lines of credit against investment property.

I spoke with TD on the phone and they do offer 75% LTV on investment property for a HELOC. I asked a similar question last week,and several,members noted they'd dealt with TD.

Unfortunately, I do not have a family member who served. '

Good work @Travis Christl , just took some time to beat them down!

Care to elaborate @Greg Koepke ?

Pentagon Federal Credit Union does 80% LTV. You can join with a donation to a cause (can't remember which, but you can find it on the website)

Originally posted by @Jordan Williamson :

Pentagon Federal Credit Union does 80% LTV. You can join with a donation to a cause (can't remember which, but you can find it on the website)

 Yeah however it may be important to note they only allow a maximum of 5 financed properties including the primary residence

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