OPM for down payment of HML bridge loan?

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Does anyone have any advice from experience of using a private lender/OPM as their down payment for a bridge loan with a HML?

I'm still in the process of using my own funds, but am trying to plan and strategize and to get started on locating and developing relationships with private lenders and trying to lay a ground work for a business plan ahead of time. I figure this would be much more beneficial to have the plan laid out for the investor and be able to adjust it, rather than start from scratch from day one.

I'm planning on purchasing properties locally and out-of-state that are rent ready, and utilize a HML bridge loan and then refinancing with my normal conventional lender.

A few more details I left out, with the private lender I'm looking at utilizing a short term loan to finance the down payment. Just starting out thinking of offering 7% amortized for 10 or 15 years with a balloon payment anywhere from 2-5 years with a 2nd position on the property. Obviously there are some variables and I'm flexible, just using it as a starting point.

This will only be used on deals where the subject property will have enough cash flow to cover both debt payments and have a little left over using the HML rates, but once I refinance with a take out loan the cash flow will increase with the lower conventional rate.

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