Multi-Family (5+ units) Lender in Houston Area

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My partner and I are looking to connect with and do business with a lender that focuses on originating loans on multi-family properties (5 or more units). We are gathering our resources, getting educated in multi-family investing, and building our team and as a finance professional I understand the importance of identifying and having an effective financier as an integral part of the team. We are looking for a lender/broker who specializes in multi-family and who has the ability and capacity to think outside the box.

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks @Jerry Ta !  @Jordan Decuir I would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your multifamily investing strategy.  @Sharon Tzib William and I work together at City Bank.  This is a small world that you and I run in.  I suppose you and I should actually meet up rather than just sticking to the interwebs.  I hope your enjoying working with Tim and Adam!