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Has anyone heard of Samuel Robert Castillo  lex loans?

[email protected]


trying to figure out if he a scam or not?


Lenders are not usually the scammers.  They are the ones parting with their money on your deal.  If they ask for upfront funds, then they may not actually have the intention to lend to you and they could be scammers, but if there are no upfront fees, chances are they are good to go.

ok, thanks  is just seemed to easy he only requires that I get mortgage insurance?

did you do business with him?

Mortgage insurance? Hmm that's what another private investor told me and ran off with my $2600

If you do a Facebook search on some of these lenders, but don't click on their page, just click on "Search Facebook", you will see all their posts on whatever pages to which they posted.  Then, you can click on the comments under the posts, and sometimes read feedback of people who actually did business with them.  -T.K.

Originally posted by @Tom Martinowsky :

Has anyone heard of Samuel Robert Castillo  lex loans?

[email protected]


trying to figure out if he a scam or not?


How about Byron Xavier Gudea @ Xprivate-loans LLC? He shows Samuel Robert Castillo as a partner.

I see somebody using slogan or umbrella company name (I couldn't figure it yet) Fifik loans His Facebook name Fifik Jan. He sent me an application and says Samuel Robert Castillo Private Lender. I'm looking to verify him but no clue yet. He only require loan insurance from his company. If anybody did business with him I would like to know review.

I'm in contact with Randy Lang, who has Castillo as Facebook friend, has a similar approach, and on 40billion has the picture of Castillo as his profile picture. He introduces himself as Business Bridge Loans, LLC, and it's impossible to find company website, information, etc...

 I've gone through the process, starting email discussion and now it seems he asks for upfront fee. Looks like fraud, too short amount of documents processed, non professional manners, too much easy to be told "ok you can get the loan", and absolutely weird English language used! I cannot tell for sure, but at the moment looks like scam. Does anybody know more?

Thanks everybody ...we don't want them to cheat, and just in case they're not scammers, we want them to know they need to give you clearly the possibility to verify their identity.

Same name same phone # but nick name is fifik Jan and his company fifik loans no verifiable info

I also had inquired about the Facebook loan post (We offer almost all types of Investments Funding. Including Business Loans, And Commercial Loans for companies, Real Estate Loan, Land and Construction and all way round Loans. if interested contact me at ....Thanks)

and emailed Samuel for his terms, condition and agreements for one of my clients. He sent the information with a loan application. To make a long story short...we declined the offer for the loan, because he asked for a origination fee to be paid. He would not work with us when we asked for transfer of monies to a bank escrow and when I looked up the entity details for his so called business Reliable Finance Holding LLC

or here

the company has many addresses and his name does not appear anywhere. I check linked in, but there was nothing there. No website, no nothing. I called a couple of phone numbers and one said thank you for calling Wells Fargo. 

I asked for a POF and that document looked very fake, altered.

So my experience is that if a person claiming to be a lender is asking for any type of money besides the repayment of the loan, then they are fake and not a lender at all. Avoid the Fakers.

I just learned that someone in my network lost $18k using Fifik.  IT'S A SCAM!  Run!

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I just got contacted by Fifik. Definitely a scam.

      yes, I was also contacted by these people, Fifik Jan, Castillo. when you ask them to call you, they will never call. Because when they do the, The Voice never matches the photo that was posted. There are a lot more out there that I've come across

i got funded by fifik jan few days ago, 

so fifik jan is not a scam.

please be sure before you post things here 

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