San Francisco Bay Area Refinance on Investment Property

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Shout out to SF Bay area folks.  I'm looking to do a refi on my investment property in the SF.  Any recommendations on lenders to talk to.  Several banks have only offered 50% loan to value and I would like to do better.



@Steve Graham - The timing of your question is right, as I just picked up a flyer from my mailbox for B2R Finance and I will quote it...

"Unlock equity and get cash out of your existing rental property. Refinance with an asset-based loan at up to 75% LTV using the full-appraised value of your rental properties with as few as 90 days of seasoning"

So, you may want to give them a call to see if this fits your requirement.

Good luck and best wishes with your REI activities.

Sorry I was not 100% clear.  Looking for a 30 year fixed.  I'm at 4.25 now but based on what I have been quoted prob 4.75 is best I can do.  Looking for a credit union or small local bank