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Hey Everyone,

As I'm sure some of you have run into when being self employed (especially the first year or two), it seems to be nearly impossible to find any lender willing to write a standard mortgage for a home. I started flipping full-time last year, I've used some of my own money from a previous business sale, along with some HML. I'm currently working project number 6 & 7, but just had an offer accepted on a home I'm looking to make my primary residence. I have 2 homes (one which is currently my primary, one selling the end of this month) that are owned outright, along with a handful of other assets between vehicles, personal money, and 401k, etc. yet because I can't show 2 years worth of verifiable income with the business (just created an LLC about 5 months ago) no one will lend to me.

Does anyone have any creative lenders that they can forward their info to me so I can get in contact with them. I really don't want to lose this house due to these ridiculously tight restrictions most lenders have. 

Most of the creative lenders I've been able to find thus far are either not licensed in Fl or I need extremely high cash reserves in my accounts for numerous months prior to the deal. Unfortunately with having numerous projects going on, my accounts are always changing. 

Any and all help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance, 


There are no conventional lenders doing stated income loans. Most HMLs do not look at your income to qualify you. It sounds like you would like the rates of a conventional lender and the terms of an HML. Wouldn't everyone?

There are now lenders somewhere in the middle, with stated income options and less hoops to jump through than you might think, with rates and terms approaching conventional.  I would check with Lima One, Visio Lending and Peak Asset.  Hopefully one of these will fit your needs.  Good luck!

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