Funding 4 Flipping scam, anybody else?

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Ugg, got taken by a total scam, feel like an idiot. They advertise as funding 4 flipping, also WCAP financial and Seed Capitol. they promised to help me establish a business line of credit. All they did was open a couple consumer credit cards in my name and tell me to get cash off the. For that they charged me 6995.00 on one of the cards. I have disputed the charge and made other complaints but it seems like they have found the perfect way to do this legally. Now I have 7000.00 in credit card debt and my personal bank turned me down for a business LOC due to all they inquiries from this process. Any advice ?? anybody else have this experience. The BBB still rates this company A+ even thought there are numerous complaints about them just like mine.

I'm sorry you had that experience, there are a number of posts about other questioning these types of lines of credit. The idea intrigued me but after speaking with them and realizing that it was just different credit cards I declined. At this point, your o ly real option is to pay the debt and build your credit back up. Only time will help get the inquiries off your credit. And then, if you choose, use the lines of credit to do what you originally intended to do. You have the credit now, might as well use it.

@Melanie Campbell Did you sign anything authorizing them to charge you that amount? Seems like without that, disputing it would be pretty easy. I imagine they had you sign 100 pages of legal jargons and slid it in there somewhere, but it is worth looking into. If you feel you were defrauded, you should make a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office.

Sorry and good luck!

Sorry to hear Melanie. Bummer for sure. No advice on how to fight back, but might help with your credit. If your balance is under 50% of the credit limit your FICO score will increase. Might try asking for credit line increase on that card or transfer some or half of the $6k to another card. Having 3 or 4 separate credit cards with 30% of line used up looks a lot better to a bank and better for your fico than one maxed out credit card.

Hope all works out in the end.

Do you have copies of what you signed? did an attorney review them?

I am actually going to contact BBB about their rating for these scammers.

EDIT: I sent a very short email to president of the Utah BBB who handled their rating. This sort of thing irritates me to death.

@Melanie Campbell

The company you mentioned appears at least twice on ripoffreport so I'm inclined to believe you.  I'm sorry to hear about your story, the whole thing sounds just awful!  As a CFE, anytime I hear about a fraud it really irks me.  Thanks for coming forward though, it's hard to admit it I know from experience.

I hope you can recover your funds somehow, good luck!

In my mind virtually ever offer of some sort of business line of credit that is unsecured.. unless you get it from YOUR credit union or YOUR bank.. is a waste of time and someone trying to scam you..  those loans are hugely risky.. and there is a reason they send you to credit cards.. CC charge huge interest and they make up for the bad debt.

if folks were lending unsecured at anything under 20% interest the loss's would soon put them out of business therefore unless your truly bankable the risk is too high and most folks simply are wasting their time.

better to find a true money partner to start to fill your wheelbarrow.. then when you actually qualify you can move to loans like these..  

I know it took me years to get an unsecured LOC from my commerical bank.. its significant at something under 500k but it took years of great tax returns and high income in the space to get this.

If you can, I'd recommend disputing the charge with the credit card company. Tell them you were not given the service they promised and charged you for and use the word "scam." The credit card company will likely reverse the charges. I'm sure you're not the only one that be filing this kind of dispute regarding this company.

The well-known company Infusionsoft once charged me $1300 and tried to justify it as if I had requested an extra service. Their "customer service" department literally told me to "Man-up and take the loss." 

American Express saw things my way and reversed the charges within a few weeks.

Take care out there!


Someone from BBB Utah replied, and among other things, stated that our Ms. Melanie Campbell's complaint is still open (never closed or reopened, not sure).

I was tempted to post most or all of the email, but that wouldn't be ethical. It mostly was boilerplate concerning BBB's mission statement, operating procedures, etc.

@JasonHirko, I didn't sign anything, but they sent me a receipt like I did. I disputed the charge with MasterCard twice and they are upholding it. I think the Funding4Flipping guys know this and use that particular card. Texas AT should be my next move I guess.

@RonaldRohde, I'm looking into an Attorney

@TerryMiller, thanks so much for your support. I haven't heard anything from BBB since I complained, maybe this will help. Decided to go public on my FB page too. They advertise on FB a lot so maybe that will get their attention?


Sorry to hear this. Here is what you can do to get justice (and hopefully your money back):

Contact the Banking Commissioner in the states this company operates (it's main office). File a complaint. You should then also CALL in person and make the complaint. Email the Commissioner personally (the squeaky wheel gets the grease). Here is the contact for Utah:

Very important: Do the exact same thing with your Banking Commissioner in Texas.  Then...

Contact the Banking Commissioner in each state you think this company is conducting business.  AND ALSO...

Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:                                                         This organization was put in place after the mortgage crisis to watchdog financial scammers. File a complaint. Again, call the agency personally as well.

Ask all of the agencies above to CALL the scammer company right away and demand your refund. After the scammers get a few calls from these agencies they will be very likely to return your money rather than go to jail or face justice in some other fashion. 

Make a copy of each complain you've filed. If you have not gotten a refund quickly, send an email and registered letter to the scammer with a copy of each complaint filed demanding your money back immediately. Let them know if they do not comply you will proceed with legal action via these agencies.

Good luck with all.



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