Costco Finance. Yes the Retail Store

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I am new to BP. I have two deals done.
Two buy and hold for long term. SFH

Has anyone tried to get loan or refi from Costco the retail store all over USA. Most of us have membership there and shop there all the time.

I used the Costco services and got a new HVAC system installed through there partnership with local HVAC retail near the Costco store here in central CA. Near Stockton CA. The entire experience was a 9-10. Was good. Great. Was done with permits. The entire process was good. The actual bid may be a bit high compared to other handyman to install system. But it looks and works great. Tenants happy. So am I .

Now I see Costco has deals with lenders. I want to refi to lower interest rates.
Anyone try this yet. How they compare to other credit unions?

I will wait for a week and check responses. Then I will contact Costco and see for my self.

Any suggestions

All I am asking is about Costco. Don’t send me to other banks. Etc....

I will try to get rate sheet from Costco ...

See you soon !

They’re going to have to follow the same rules.
They’ll get you 70% of appraised value etc.
It will be sold to another bank as most are, and will need to close with all of the same rules as any credit union will have.
There are credit unions that may be able to get a lower rate.
I always compare Costco’s deals (car financing), etc. when shopping.

Never tried them. I would love to hear your experience with them though. Ideally you would get a better rate, but logically, I see Costco as a middle man that gets their cut and thereby drive the rates higher. What is your current rate and terms and what are you hoping for?

For plain-jane, agency stuff, they should be competitive I guess since generally the rules are the same nationwide.  There are a lot of nuances to mortgage financing that I wouldn't want to leave to a company that specializes in discount toilet paper.  But, you may get some great terms.