Refi on an LLC-owned Property, with personally-held mortgage?

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Hello everyone, I’m new to BP and I was hoping you could shed some light on one of the steps in the BRRRR method. My LLC owns my duplex, but the loan is in my name. Can I do a cash-out refinancing, or will I have to “buy” my house back from the LLC? Thanks!
It will be much easier if you own the property in your name. Rates and terms are less favorable for loans to LLCs

Depends on what route you, personal or commercial loan. If personal, the lender will make/assist you in deeding the title to your personal name, and the refi loan will be in your name. Of course you can't buy/sell the house from/to your own LLC, it's just handled by a simple deed. You can still operate the house as a business within the LLC even though it's titled in your name. Just proceed as normal and they'll walk you through it.

Commercial loans with your LLC can be just as easy if not even faster to close. The loan and property will remain in your LLC's name. Start making relationships with local banks. That's where you'll get those good terms.

Agree with @Jason DiClemente , @Rob Gervais . If you're concerned about legal actions or asset protection, make sure you implement an Umbrella Insurance policy once the title of the property is in your personal name. 

Amen to the umbrella policy reminder mentioned by @Jay Helms . That'll help you sleep at night. Another common approach is to just deed the property back to your LLC a month or two after you refinance. (Give it time for your loan to be sold to the final note holder.) Yes, this opens up the due on sale clause and you can waste a week reading everyone's opinion on that, but the bottom line is that it's that it's done very often.

All solid advice. Thanks!

Also nobody mentioned that you can always simple transfer title at closing to your personal name. Some added costs and pros/cons to weigh but it’s the only way to get the financing terms your looking for then that’s an easy solution.

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