Current mortgage interest rate for an investment in Texas

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Can someone tell me what's the lowest mortgage interest rate for a conventional 30 year fixed loan in Houston,Texas for an investment property ( single family home) with good credit and 20% down ?


For budget/cashflow calculation purposes, add super ballpark 1.000% to that for 75% LTV SFR n/o/o, 1.250% for 2-4 unit. And note that the survey isn't at 0 points, add another 0.125% or so if you want that. Survey is also always a week out of date, account for that. Decent chance it'll come in better at the end, but if the deal/property works with those numbers then obviously it'll work if it's better.

Something like 90% of lenders are going to be in a very narrow band of 0.250% for this. Of that other 10%, half are lying and the other half have no idea how to do their jobs. 

Add like 4.000% to that if you want to look for that unicorn 2-4 unit 80% LTV portfolio ARM.