Looking for stated income cashout refi on investment property TX?

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I need a stated income cash out loan program for a rental I have in TX. I have plenty of equity and will be around 60% ltv, but need to get some cash out for another project. And my self-employed income may make it challenging for a full doc loan.

So, does anyone know of a lender that may have a stated income cash out program available?

Thank You

@Brad Sand feel free to PM me.  We also have a pretty active Texas forum on Bigger Pockets too if you ever want to post there.  You are looking for a "commercial" or "portfolio" loan (those can be names used interchangeably).

In Texas, it's the local banks that provide that type of loan most commonly. In general you will receive a 20 year Adjustable Rate Mortgage. The rate usually changes every 5 years or so. I have seen 15 year loans of this nature too. But it will certainly depend on the area and the value of the home. Sometimes they won't lend below a certain threshold and sometimes if it's rural there's just not any banks around. So if you know the city let us know and that will help with a recommendation.

There are also some loans that will ignore income if the property cash flows $1.  You would need to show about 6 months of renting a property (meaning managing it) and those are 30 year fixed rates.

Anyway, hope this helps but PM if there is anything I can do to assist.  Thanks!