I live in Denver, CO, and am looking to build a great long-distance team in the GR, MI area: agent, property mgmt, local lender (conventional loans). Also am open to Kzoo/Lansing, neighboring areas. I am looking to be fairly aggressive over the next 5 years, planning to acquire 2 properties a year. Interested in MFH's (4 units or less) or SFH that cash flow well. I will be using conventional financing, have a lucrative job that will secure 20-25% down payments. DTI ratio is 14%. Please private message me if you're interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship for the long-term, and if you are versed in working with other long-distance clients and understand what that entails. As far as experience, I own a property that I have self-renovated and house-hack as a landlord. I'm a member of the FI community here, and also teach personal finance/investment to local women interested in getting their feet wet in investing and real estate.