Tips for a personal line of credit

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Do anyone have any advice or tips on how to pay the personal line of credit faster?... like take out money at the beginning of the month and deposit at the end.. or deposit at the beginning and take money out the end of the month? That kind of tips.. thank you in advanced

@Arturo Gouro   Not sure sure what you mean by "take out money at the beginning of the month and deposit at the end" - can you please clarify?

Obviously the fastest way to pay it down is to add extra money to the payment each month.

 Or open a 0% intro for 12 months credit card.  There are quite a few offering that right now.  Then it's much simpler: $12,000 card, pay $1,000 per month and the debt will be paid off in one year.

@Tom S.

There was a post but I can't seem to find it about personal credit lines and someone commented that the due date for his credit line was at the beginning of the month because that would help with the interest or something like that.. I found this like a year ago when I was just learning about everything.

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