Private Money Lenders

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Hey all,

I'm new at real estate investing and was wondering if anybody knew people interested in investing in properties. My business partner has been building and remodeling houses for most of his life and can truly do it all. I'm younger but I have drive and a massive will to get things done and make money for everyone involved. We live in Huntley Illinois and have been looking in the surrounding areas for property's we can buy and flip. Eventually we want to get into rental properties as well. I firmly believe this will work out well for everyone involved. I appreciate any information anyone has to offer.



Hi @Noah Knisely , welcome to the BiggerPockets forums!  I'm always happy to look at deals and consider funding flips with solid financials.

@Noah Knisely - Congrats on joining BP and getting on there.  My advice would be to find the deal first and the money will follow.  Plus. if you don't have the deal lined up how do you know what terms you can offer and how much money you need to raise.  

Do you and your partner have specific parameters of what you are looking for and where?

@Will Fraser - I am also looking to raise more money as well lol who isnt.  I'll PM you a deal I am under contract for.....we are trying to raise the tail end of our private capital.

I've flipped in Algonquin and know your areas very well and they are not desirable for investing, I saw some trends and wanted to give it a shot, my deal turned out alright, but I would not do it again. There's a reason why there's no action in NW suburbs. I would look at other markets closer to the city of Chicago.