Non Recourse RENTAL loan providers for MIchigan (SFR / Duplexes)

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For Rentals in MI, are there any recommendations for Non Recourse loan providers? I have excellent credit (around 780 - 810), but would still need to stay away from Personal Guarantee on these LLC owned properties. I've exhausted the BP List for "Rental" type of loans (Not fix and flips), and wanted to explore if any of you have a "happy" / ongoing relationship with Mortgage providers?

Currently, I am just planning to cash-out Refi one SFR rental, + add at least 2 Duplexes within the end of the year, if the resources and relationship are strong.

We have always used NASB for Non-Recourse Loans in our  SDIRAs and SOLO401Ks. I think @Dmitriy Fomichenko or @Brian Eastman might have a list of lenders who SPECIALIZE in this type of loan, which is different than a 'normal' rental loan.

Dan Dietz

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Need to go through, which seems to be a real gem:   TY very much for your guidance, @Dmitriy Fomichenko .

Lenders (at present time of Sep 2021) who do not initiate Non Recourse loans:
1. @Heath Thomas Jr 
2. Dmitriy (who shared the above link) and @Brian Eastman (They might work for SOLO401Ks and SDRIAs, but not for LLCs) [ TY for the info: @Daniel Dietz

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Also, there is a related post at, which opened up the discussion for TX, and then also covered FL and nationwide: