Delayed Financing Lender Recommendation

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I just closed a purchase in cash and am now looking for the best refinance options.  I talked to a few lenders and one offered a delayed-financing option where I can qualify for a purchase rate.  Has anyone done a delayed-financing on cash purchase recently and can recommend lender(s) with good rates?


Most lenders who offer conventional loan products should be able to help you out, as long as your transaction meets Fannie Mae's delayed financing requirements, found here: 

What are the requirements for a delayed financing exception? (

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Originally posted by @Andrew Postell :

@Michael Yu what was wrong with the lender that suggested the delayed financing in the first place?

Nothing wrong, just like to find additional lenders that offer purchase / best rate for delayed financing as the quotes I received are all over the place.  Most I spoke to offer refi or cash out rates which are usually considerably higher.  Quite a few lenders don’t even offer delayed financing at all and require a waiting period.  Like to get 2-3 comparable quotes at purchase rate if possible.

@Michael Yu   Hmm, that does sound strange.  I'm guessing a little here but it sounds like maybe you are getting numbers from different types of lenders?  I wrote an entire post for Bigger Pockets about how you can find good lenders (and their differences) that you can read HERE.  99% of the time you should lean on local lenders and local real estate investors on recommendations.  Read that post and see if that helps some.  And feel free to ask anything else additional.  Thanks!