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Good afternoon all, I live in Austin Texas and would like to hear more about finding investors and how to excite them into going in on my first investment property. Any feedback on how you hooked an investor would be great. 

Welcome to BP @Robert Hidrogo !! I would suggest building a strong team around you (Broker, Lender, etc.) or partnering up with an experienced investor for at least your first investment project in order to gain some experience and get some skin in the game so you are more attractive to lenders and investors. Best of luck!

Welcome to BP, @Robert Hidrogo .  "If you build it, he will come."  Investors find good deals.  If you have a good property at a good price, it won't be difficult.

Learn all about partnerships, types, and how to protect yourselves.  Don't be afraid to spend a few hundred buck to have a qualified attorney review your paperwork.  Go get 'em! 

Sounds exciting and good luck! In looking for investors you might want to consider the costs of debt versus equity investors. There's a number of private lender but the trick is finding one that's easy to use and will give you good, honest feedback on your projects.

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Hi Bob- Welcome! I just join BP yesterday :) and live in Austin land area. Working on my 3rd property (will be closing in Aug). We definitely can connect. Thanks! 

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