Where does one find a Short term Investor?

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Im self employed for 3 years and doing very well. This January I bought an established profitable business for my wife and daughter to run. Me and my wife are now looking to get into a nicer home, we found what we wanted and got an accepted offer of 106k. Problem is when banks look at my tax returns they say my last two years I only averaged 1700 a month after huge deductions. When in fact I average 4500 a month if not more. 51k 2013 and 64k 2014, they won't cunt wifes business because she only operated for 6 months even tho this business has been established for 20 years. So I am looking for someone to purchase the home with a repurchase agreement on my half for agreed amount within 1-2 years (going to just claim less on taxes). Where would one go about finding a short term lender under these circumstances. If anyone has done anything similar please feel free to share tips and advice.

How long do you have until the contract "expires"? And what do you mean by repurchase agreement on your half for agreed amount within 1-2 years? Are you saying you need a repurchase agreement for 53k that will be paid with interest by 1-2 years? 

It expures july 28th can get extension. I am either looking for an investor to purchase, and lease for short time 6-18 months then sell home back. Or any other solution that would have same end result

What you're looking for is really a lender.  Even though you may structure the deal somewhat differently, what this amounts to is a loan.  Its tough to find someone to make you a loan under these circumstances.  Most hard money lenders (folks who make short terms loans for real estate) will not allow you to move in.  That's because residential loans for owner occupants are heavily regulated.

You would have a better shot at buying a house that's being offered with some sort of owner financing up front, rather than choosing the house and trying to find a lender.

If those "huge deductions" are real expenses, then the $1700 number is accurate.  If you gross $4500 a month selling widgets, but spend $2800 on making and selling the widgets, then your income is truly $1700, not $4500.  Income is what's left after all these deductions.

I'm not sure if buy and live is a loan that short term lenders are interested in. But if you already hold the offer as a contract, try finding someone with a real estate broker or broker license who can sell this contract for you at a profit. At best maybe you can walk away with some kind of profit at least. 

Unless this is the dream house that you must buy. In that case, I'm not sure what you can do. 

I recommend you contacting @Shaun Weeks

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