Self Directed IRA 401k Companies

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I know there has been some great threads on this topic already on how this works.  Thank you to the contributors to those-very helpful!  I am specifically looking for referrals of reputable companies that are versed in these financing strategies.   Would love to hear any success stories or negative feedback as well.  


Call John Park @ PGI Self Directed. Top notch service, and excellent document services.

Truly self directed, and not hard to manage at all.


I use AMERICAN ira.
They are well versed in the law and keep me from jeapardizing my 'qualified status'. I liked that they are local to me as well.

I viewed the selection process much as I did my accountant. I wanted knowledge and someone slightly more conservative than I am.

A regulated Self-Directed IRA custodian cannot give tax, legal or investment advice, nor sell investment products. If you are working with a company that is doing this, they are most likely an unregulated facilitator, asset sponsor, or some other kind of financial advisory service, and not a custodian.