Favorite Hard Money Lender in Houston

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I am a new investor looking to fund my first flip.  I have researched a few of the local hard money lenders and was just curious if anybody had any favorites that they have used repetitively.  Thanks for any input!

I have called on most of the hard money lenders here in Houston. Some of them are good companies to work with others are a joke. I have a great company here in Texas, easy to work with, no docs, no pay stubs, etc. PM if you want more info.


@Dwayne Burksgreen I have not had to use a hard money loan yet so I can not provide experience.  I have heard good things about both noble and jet lending.  I have been leaning towards noble when the need arises.  How was the seminar?

You don't have to use Jet or Noble or anybody in particular, but please find a good LOCAL HM lender.  Somebody that knows what is going on in all these various areas of town, somebody that can help steer you right.  

Sometimes you need somebody that isn't afraid to call your baby ugly, and that is what your HM lender is there for - they are putting their money into your deal, so they will be tactful but they will be straightforward if they think your ARV or renovation numbers are a little off.