Seed Capital - Best VC experiences?

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Not in my books! I don't think you can ever have too much Seed Capital! The more you can save prior to beginning your investment journey, the better position you will be in down the line.

@Tyrel McAllister I had a terrible experience a few years ago using what I thought was a reputable VC firm. The capital promised never seem to appear when needed, and the business ultimately failed. I would certainly not rely on venture capitalists to start a business again. However, to grow an already established company which is showing current successes, different story!

@Tyrel McAllister In my younger days, I wanted at one point to start a business selling novelty baseball caps, we entered the investment pitch wearing off-color hats for comedic relief and were dismissed rather rudely before we could even begin. They failed to see that our companies mainline was novelty hats, and seemed to  think we were just badly dressed men!

We certainly did not accrue the capital we needed, but it taught us an important lesson about VCs and Partners: If you are truly prepared to stand behind an awful idea, you should also be fully prepared to fund it yourself!

I have never had a VC Success Story, but in our early days we saw no shortage of meetings and proposals sent out. We had to self raise our seed capital. 

I self raised my initial seed capital, but did have the opportunity to approach many VCs for the funding early on. Never had any success, I suppose I wasn't clear enough in my pitch, and failed to optimally outline the potential in the investor. 

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