Seed Capital Success Stories

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Hello everyone, I am a mature investor from New York. i have seen quite a number of threads involving alternative sources of seed capital and I am calling out to the community. I remember my earliest investments were a real grind, having raised all of the necessary seed through years of saving and less than enjoyable labour. How has the market changed? What new methods are there now that didn't exist 40-50 years ago that facilitate the process? I hear very frequently that today's market is more difficult than markets previous, I certainly agree with this, but it has to be asked: in what ways is it now easier than before?

Gracious apologies, I intended for the thread to be named Seed Capital Modern Methods. Does anyone know of any method to get thread titles changed? I am relatively new to the forum.

I can't speak for before, but I believe that there are a lot more government supports available for starting businesses now. Even though the cost of living and REI is much higher, the ease of accruing seed capital is much higher now.

The internet has made it easier than ever before to raise seed capital. Now you are only one good email away from a potential lender. Biggerpockets is a great example of how the process is more facilitative now than it was before. 

I believe the market is as difficult as it has always been, with the added benefit of high levels of inflation and rising living expenses, and a national debt that has reached unbelievable levels so government benefits are less likely to be forthcoming. Just my thoughts.

Factoring in inflation, I am not sure it's all that much harder in general now than it was before. I suppose three years of a middle class salary use to be the rule for buying a house. I am not sure that rings true anymore, and I'm not sure it really ever did in the past.