How do I qualify for Financing?

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Hey guys, 

I'm in kind of a sticky situation. 

I've been trading for a few years now and have made some money trading cryptocurrency. 

I also have a successful business that operates 100% in cryptocurrency. We receive payments in Crypto, cover expenses using Crypto, etc

I have a chunk I want to diversify into real estate. I've been looking at duplex/triplex in my area under 200k and would be interested in renting 1 of the rooms out for a year. I figured an FHA loan would be best.

My question is...Is it possible to qualify for any loan to purchase a property? I don't want to liquidate my assets for a down payment if it's not even possible. 

My S/O is a nurse and her income might qualify, but she's only been working in this state for 1 year. Not sure if her income carries over from state to state. 

If it's not possible...would it be possible to have my parents co-sign to buy a duplex/triplex and we can live in that + rent out other units?

Thanks for the help! 

@Harjeet Bhatti She's been a nurse for 4 years, so that might work.

My parent's don't have money for a down payment. I do, but would have withdrawal from my cryptocurrency portfolio. 

So you think it would be possible if the loan was in someone else's name & I was also put on it too?