Creative finance help needed - first time offering

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I have a friend who is deeded on her deceased mothers home. Her aunt, prior to my friends mother passing, was added to the deed. Don't ask. That being said, things are getting pretty tense between the two considering the home is vacant, they are paying alot in taxes, upkeep, it was never really the aunts place to begin with, the aunts perceived value etc. I digress.

My friend has accepted my suggestion of discussing creative financing with her aunt. After I get to know her aunt, hopefully where she is interested in working with me VS walking into the dark road ahead, I'm going to offer one cash offer and two seller financed offers. I know there is a lot out there, web and BP, but does anyone have a simple spreadsheet where I can input numbers to calculate one offer vs the other?

Much appreciated.

Just keep it simple. Say the home is worth $125k after repair:

$70k Cash

$20k Cash + 100 Payments of $600

$10k Cash + 100 Payments of $750

Don't include interest, if they ask, say "Call it interest if you like, in example three you are getting $15,000 more than the cash offer."

Clearly, adjust the terms and amounts to fit the scenario, and take into effect the repairs needed.