What are good questions for banks? (LOCS)

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I'm going to be meeting with several local banks and was wondering if anyone had some good questions to ask.

I am seeking an unsecured line of credit and a HELOC on a rental property.

Any additional pointers would be good!


@William S. I would say leave the rental property alone. Get an unsecured line of credit we offer 0% interest for 12 -21 months. You just need a 680 credit score to qualify it is not attached to your house. I can send you a link to apply. You will find out on the spot. It cost $1 to apply that is for your credit reports. It takes two to three to get funding. Once you get funding. At the time of funding we charge a one time fee of 9.99% which can come right off the top. If that interest you let me know. Good luck.

oof 10% not a bad option but do your research there are a lot of LOCs you can get a lot of different way to obtain the funds for cheaper but if not Freds deal isnt bad