OREGON, where are the investors and investor friendly brokers?

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Hello to all investors and brokers in Oregon! I'm from WA and I'm a licensed broker and investor. I primarily run a large wholesaling operation in Washington state and have recently expanded into Oregon. I'm looking to connect with investor friendly brokers and investors in Oregon ASAP!

I have solid wholesale deals available in multiple counties that I need buyers for. Single family and multi-family.

Investors, message me! Brokers, let's work together! Bring some buyers to these deals.  

I also have a few deals we will not be closing on and need to refer them to a broker to take the listing. I'm looking for someone I can trust to work these if I give the referral.

Let's WORK!

Hey I'm in the Salem area. I would love working with you! I got my license back in May of this year. Focusing on investors and looking to get into wholesaling as well. I'm currently with Keller Williams however I'm wondering if I should look for a more investor friendly brokerage. The support is great however most of their focus is on helping the conventional homebuyer-seller. Not entirely my interest.