Calculating the Interest Using MY HELOC

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I recently completed my HELOC and am trying to determine the interest that I will need to pay. I have a non fixed rate but currently is 5.5%. I want to purchase a property for roughly 140k and will need an additional 30k for rehab. I am trying to determine the interest I will need to payback so I can analyze the numbers. Anyone that can assist me because I am clearly not a mathematician.

Thank you,

Rob B  

@Rob Bowness Download a financial calculator from the app store. You type in loan amount $170000. Interest rate rate 5.5% and time to pay off. As an example my trusty calc says your payment will be $965.24 principal and interest based on a 30 year term Does it have a call in 10 years. If that is the case you will owe $139997.79 on payment 121.

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