After reading 7 Profitable Side Hustles in Real Estate, a lightbulb went off saying, "I have a computer. I'm tech savvy. I have a reliable mode of transportation. I'm organized and motivated. And I'm a quick learner. I can do this!"

I want to generate more income to use for either a down payment or rehab costs. I'm saving about 30% of my full-time job income (which should bump to almost 50% in a few months) and hustling around as a rideshare driver, but I'd really like the opportunity to continue earning money without the added costs of gas, car maintenance, etc.

Does anyone have suggestions or advice for a newbie investor on becoming a virtual assistant? Are there any red flags or major pitfalls I should look out for as I proceed? Do you know anyone who is in need of someone performing "busy" work to help their REI business grow?