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I need some help selling my personal home with owner financing.

It’s in Northern NJ and I’m having a hard time finding any buyers.

Is there somewhere or someone specific I should be marketing to?

@Danny Haddad

Where in Northern NJ?

I would post the deals details on the BP Marketplace as well as try to connect with some local NJ investors (do a BP search).  I'm sure there would be investors interested if it fits their criteria and/or you're willing to give good terms.  

Best of luck!

Hi @Danny Haddad . I looked at the posting for your house and the thing that sticks out to me is that you have it listed for more than $100,000 over Zillow's Zestimate.  Everyone has their own thoughts about how accurate, or not accurate, the Zestimate is, but I think you're going to have a hard time getting a buyer to pay $100k more than the Zestimate. 

Unfortunately, I don't know much about about Totowa or Passaic county despite living in north Jersey, so I can't tell how reasonably priced your home is. 

Lower your sales price and make up for it with a higher interest rate.

lower the sales price by 25% and raise your interest rate up 25%.

@Larry S.

It’s in between the Zillow and Redfin estimate. I’m definitely expecting to negotiate. There’s not a lot for sale in that neighborhood and it’s very soggy after.

There’s a house 3 doors down that’s newer but they’re asking $819k.

I have 1 more bedroom and a larger better lot.

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