I feel like I'm stalled, now I'm trying to push

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I wouldn't call myself a Nubian Wester but I also wouldn't call myself a fully-fledged investor I feel like I've stalled the past ear and I'm looking to get my momentum up again I've got about 20,000 saved but that's not nearly enough to really partner with some of the contacts that I have let alone do the kind of strategy I want to do I'm looking to get a home equity line of credit on my primary residence the house is worth about 210k and I owe about 115k. My mortgage is about 950 a month at 6% I'd like to refinance and also get a home equity line of credit access my Equity so I could start partnering on the deals that I'm working on but not in.

I'm self-employed and I can prove that for the past two years does anybody know A lender that will work with a self-employed real estate investor that will actually close

I really just need do home equity line of credit so if anybody knows of a bank that will give me that line a credit I'd like to know about them

if you wish to contact me directly you can call or text me at

(540) 316-0893

@Daniel Devin Jewell How long do you plan to live in the current property? What's your property rent for? Would it cash-flow as a rental with a lower interest rate? 

6% in nearly twice the rate most banks are offering. I'd focus on a manageable LTV (65-70%) cash-out ReFi with a new fixed rate mortgage around 3%. Unless your credit or DTI needs some work you should be able to find a lender willing to help. That would give you a ton of cash to find the next DEAL.