Looking for Commercial RE Attorney in MA

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I am looking for a commercial real estate attorney in Massachusetts to assist with a P&S, 1031, closing, and related items. Are there any recommendations out there for a good experienced attorneys?

If you're going thru commercial financing the bank with have a closed list where they appoint your specific attorney. If you want to hire your own, which is called a buyer's rep attorney, you will pay an additional fee to that. Happy to recommend you mine that I use for my own transactions that would be able to help. 

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Originally posted by @Jonathan Bombaci:

@Greg D. talk to Doug Mercurio in North Reading. We use him on all of our stuff from 2 family wholesale deals to 132 unit syndications the guy know his stuff. Feel free to mention me if you want. 



Jon, thanks for the reference. I am right down the road from N. Reading so I'll reach out to him. - Greg