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I'm looking for a good CPA in Houston to help me perform tax returns and with ongoing tax planning. I've got a couple limited partnerships and an LLC along with typical W2 income, real estate, and interest income.

I would appreciate any recommendations available.

By the way, I'm in Sugarland, TX so preferably someone on the southwest side if possible.


@Dusty Corning Hey Dusty, I've got a guy. Sending you info via PM...

I use Barry Levine in Sugar Land, right at 59 and Dairy Ashford/Sugar Creek.  He has a lot of RE clients and knows the ins and outs of the biz. 

Pls pm me the CPA info. Thanks.

Mind if I hop on this contact? Please PM me as well, thanks!

Hello @Lyall Storandt, can you send me the info too, Please? Thank you so much.

@Lyall Storandt Hi! Would you please share the CPA info with me too? Thank you :)

@Lyall Storandt could you (or anyone else on this forum) please send me the Sugar Land CPA info?

Also, I am a young investor in Sugar Land with a condo that I am living in as my primary resident but about to turn into a rental.

I am also doing my first rehab project with a personal coach who is an expert in rehabbing and wholesaling.

If anyone is interested in contacting me to grab a coffee and talk about my experiences feel free to PM me.  I'm always excited to meet others interested in RE!

Please share the CPA contact info with me. Thanks

I am also looking for a Houston area CPA as well as legal support to setup a Texas based LLC, any recommendations would be gr,eat,y appreciated.

Same here: looking for CPA referals.  Appreciate if you can recommend someone you have used and liked. Thank you much in advance.

@Ben Moores hey man can you shoot me the name of the CPA in Sugar Land you use?

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