Dispute Property Taxes in Texas

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I am looking for someone to help me dispute property values/taxes on my rental properties. Any recommendations?

I talked to Texas Tax Cutters a few days ago. I've never heard of them or used them but I'm considering using them. They charge you a commission of the taxes you would have saved by using them.

Anyone use any companies before?

I am also looking for some recommendations.

On residential properties in Texas, I always handle them personally and I own property all over the state. If I have purchased the property in the last year , I attempt to get the value reduced as close to what I paid for it and reach an agreement with the appraiser by phone. I have had very little success in going before the appraisal board. If you know a Realtor, call and offer them $50 for comps to help you

Greg H.

How do you negotiate with the appraiser?

I focus on the "evidence" that I have and try to get the value down as much as possible realizing I am saving approximately $30-35 per thousand. Always ALWAYS be nice and kind and use lots of "Yes Sir/Maam ! lol

the problem is that the houses were purchased very low and if you choose to spend $400 per property on appraisal, it will come at 2x what you/I paid. so, of course the city/state will reject.

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