Buying Real Estate Before Your Divorce is Final

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I am hoping that someone could provide me with a little advice. I want to buy an investment property during my separation period before Divorce. However whenever I try to buy a home in the State of North Carolina, the agency is telling me sense I do not have a separation agreement, my present wife could still have say over the property that I purchase. Is this true? Or am I dealing with the wrong real estate agency?

@Jeremy Sanders  Have you considered posing this question to an attorney?  I just don't think this is a question for your realtor.  My assumption is that whatever is acquired in a marriage can be split but you should definitely defer to your attorney.

Not positive about NC, but in KS separation agreements don't mean squat to a title insurance company...the spouse still has marital interest in any property you own until the divorce is FINAL. I'd play is safe and hold off until this is all done and filed in the courts.

Not a question for an agent.  As advised, talk to an attorney.

This is true in North Carolina . I've been through a very similar situation with my home and divorce. You should  also check with your attorney. Contact me off post if you want to talk more about this.  J 

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