Recommend a great CPA in Massachusetts who does 1031 Exchanges

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We're in Boston and need a great and reasonably priced CPA who knows real estate tax and 1031 Exchanges.  Any recommendations?


you can only get a poor CPA for a reasonable price. The Great ones are expensive.

Just find any CPA firm and call them to see if they have partners who specialize in RE, and use them. They will charge a fair rate.

@Slava Menn  

Try Amanda Han who is active on BP she is not in MA you do not need one in MA.


I agree.  It is more important that he is savvy about real estate investing than that his office be in MA.  Are some local CPA's more uptodate on MA quirks?  Yes, but any CPA knows how to look up the state specific laws, and if they have other clients in the area, already know about them.  

John Hyre is not cheap, but he specializes in REI, and in fact speaks on REI taxation and self directed IRAs, and is also a tax attorney. He's an investor himself. Google him, and if you choose to have a conversation, tell him I referred you. I receive no benefit, and have no affiliation. If you PM me your email address, I can send an introduction.

Very helpful thanks to you both!

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