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Has anyone used Legal shield service?

I heard about it the other night from another investor and It seems like a no brainer. It is a flat rate service for apx $30/month you get unlimited phone calls with a local top attorney and you get tother perks as well including free defense services and document review (up to 3 per month). There were a bunch of other useful things it sounded like as well and they have people who specialize in all areas of legal information.

Just curious if anyone has any input on this service or has used them before?

I use them, though not as often (that's a good thing). It gives me that security on having a 'go to' when it comes to any legal issues or inquries.  They do have people specialized in all areas, thats whats good about it.

Thanks @Jennifer Tan

Have you had any negative experiences from them at all? And do they help you with setting up legal entity's as well, like and LLC or Scorp?

@Blake Reynolds

Most of my dealings with them have been consultations on various topics and all have been informative, helpful experiences which would have cost me a lot of fees.  I have not set up anything with them as yet.

@Blake Reynolds , I have been a member for years and plan to continue indefinitely. They will field unlimited phone calls, review documents and write letters on your behalf. They will not draft documents unless you choose to have the law firm do so at their rates (minus the member discount). Posting here on BP is great for getting feedback but if I have a legal question I prefer to speak with a lawyer. 

Feel free to send me a private message if you have other questions.

I was wondering about Legal Shield also. Another investor was telling me about it and I believe he receives commission if I go through him, SO I was just wondering if it was a legitimate company. Here is a post I found on that company.... according to this site they have a 5 star rating.

@Jeff Rabinowitz Will they act as a registered agent for an LLC? And if so, do you know the cost?

@Andy H.   No. That is not a covered benefit. There is one law firm in each State. The one in your State might provide that service but it would be at their usual rates minus the discount you would get as a member.

I have some minor qualms with services like Legal Shield, primarily that similar services are generally frowned upon as unlawful fee splits between attorneys and non-attorneys. Not that any of that matters to the end-user, although I would be concerned about any firms which may be taking part in a program like legal shield, as I think it could potentially reflect on their savoriness as attorneys. Granted, different states have different views of these things. I would encourage you to rely on the standard law firm business model, as opposed to working through third parties. 

DISCLAIMER: The above is not intended to be legal advice. The views expressed above are my own, and are formulated based upon the limited information that I am able to find about fee arrangements online. The above is simply my personal opinion about services similar to Legal Shield, and may not necessarily reflect the facts surrounding how Legal Shield operates. If you have questions or concerns about how this particular service operates, you should contact them directly. Nothing stated above is intended to be a factual assertion about any one particular service.

LegalShield operates in all 50 States and the original company has been operating since 1972. It is not surprising that an attorney might not be a fan. Since you probably do not even know which firm is contracted in your State, let alone my State, rendering such an opinion might reflect on the savoriness of the attorney who posted it.

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I have been a member since 1998, shall continue to be one until I can't afford anymore. It's real company.

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