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I am trying to decide on which company to use for a checkbook controlled solo 401K. I have read most of the discussions and cannot find a clear winner. I already have an Equity Trust account with an old Roth IRA but they do not offer checkbook control. I am rolling 401k over from a previous employer to fund the SD solo 401k. I am self employed with two other businesses so the checkbook option shouldn't be a problem.

I am looking at the following.

iRA123 or Safeguard, Sense Financial, Broad Financial, and IRA financial group.

If there are any better companies please let me know. I am reviewing them all (due diligence). 

Thanks in advance. 


i use sense financial. I'm very happy with them. I previously had a self directed IRA with Entrust and had numerous issues mostly related to the time it takes then to process requests, which can potentially cause you to lose out on deals.

@James Floyd

You can also setup an IRA LLC for the Roth IRA since it cannot be transferred to a solo 401k.

@James Floyd

You don't have any employees in any of your businesses do you? All of the businesses you own come into play when your Solo 401k eligibility is being determined.

@James Floyd I use UDirect IRA Services out of California. I have been very happy with them and their services. The offer complete checkbook control on our (I have 2 partners) ROTH SDIRAs and Traditional SDIRAs. I am pretty sure they also offer the Solo 401K option.

If you look at the members 'tag lines' here you will see several that are in the 'Self Directed Business' too, who all seems very competent from their posting. The reason I went with UDirect is that I need one fairly quickly and they were recommended by a fellow member here. Good Luck.

Dan Dietz

I use Sense Financial for my Solo 401K, and their service and support is great.

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