2 years back taxes in PA, can a homeowner loose their house?

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If a homeowner is two years behind on their real estate taxes, and the county has issued a notice of sheriff sale coming, does the homeowner have the right to set up payment arrangements before sale date and if so what are some of the State laws if any that may apply? 

The tax bill can usually be paid until the day before the sale. A payment plan might be negotiable, but there is no guarantee of that. And one missed payment on a payment plan puts the owner right back in place for public auction to get the taxes paid ...

Thanks Steve, this guys own the house free and clear but wants to hang onto it, but needs to borrow against it to pay the $3,000 in back taxes, but can't seem to find a lender who will lend him the money. The house needs work do to a fire and has been empty for about three years.

Another question about this would be, if this does get sold at a sheriff sale for lets say $50k what happens to the money over and above the tax lean assuming thats the only lean $3,000.00 I'm sure there are going to be court and legal fees $2,000 so lets say total is $5,000.00 what happens to the $45,000.?

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