Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement

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Hello all!

    I am looking at purchasing a house that is a 4 plex (sort of) in my area. I am unsure of how it stands with the local government and have some concerns. 

There was a variance issued to do something (I can't find out what they wanted to do since all i have is the appeal info) on a lot that had a SFR on it due do zoning stuff. One of the caveats of doing what they wanted to was that they would tear down the garage as it was dilapidated. I have DCE records that say it never was torn down and others that say it was converted to living space. So there are two free standing structures with 2 units each (it's weird).

  Essentially I just want to know that if I buy it I won't have to do any demo and the city wont be on my ***. Does anyone know what department I should contact to get in writing that everything is AOK with this house?