Where can I get contract agreement reviewed in Bellevue, WA ?

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I live in Bellevue, WA. I am lending money to a person to buy properties. I`ve gone through clauses but I want to get it reviewed by someone with knowledge around it.

Basically it states I am proving funds to purchase RE and share profit 50% each after expenses are deducted.



Hi @Pradeep Tiwari !

Hopefully someone can chime in with the RE attorney I have heard of but never used on the east side.  I know from hours of money spent on real estate atttorneys who don't understand investing that they are far and few in between.  

I found Doug Owens in Ballard who is focused on investors and stays up on the Washington RE laws pertaining to investing.

You can find him at http://www.seattle-realestate-lawyer.com/aspx/Blob...  


@Troy Fisher I have not used an attorney. I have reviewed contracts myself and had other investors review them and compared similar contracts against each other to make sure they all had similar verbiage. The first few I was sent  were reviewed by attorneys (not mine) and trusted the people I got them from. Since then I have just made sure they were all similar. 

Jerry Walker is the attorney I use for everything real estate, business entities, and lending.  He's at the border between Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond, right off 520.


Have heard of Scott (REIA's attorney of choice) and Doug (REAPS's attorney of choice), but haven't used either one.

We use a contract that was previously reviewed by an attorney (not sure of name anymore) and we just tailor it to the specific project and investor.  

Enough people have done these deals that I generally get feedback from them, compare, and move forward.  

In real estate, anything has pretty much been done before, so I don't reinvent the wheel anymore.  My wheels always came out looking like a star...

Doug Owens is well known as the main sponsor for REAPs. I am ultra consevative as an investor and don't really do stuff (although not opposed to) land contracts, subject 2, sandwich lease options, etc. I haven't seen the need to do these things as I have access to lots of cash. Doug is on that very conservative non-creative side of things. Awesome negotiator not the best with details.

Bob Bartlett is a good real estate attorney in Magnolia.