Good law firm in Wichita, KS for tenant damages

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We recently elected not to renew the tenant in a property.  We knew that it was going to take some work to fix up.  General repairs, paint, probably new carpet, deep cleaning.  But then they failed to vacate and stayed an extra month (gave them plenty of notice, supposed to be out by the end of May, stayed through June, which I thought would be okay because we had tenants lined up for August).  Once all their stuff was out, we finally realize the scope of the damage:  carpet totally ruined, cat pee soaked into the sub floor in some places, garage smelled like a lit pack of cigarettes, and it doesn't look like they cleaned anything in the two years they were there.  Had to repaint all walls, remove and replace all carpet and pad, scrub and Kilz (and replace) some sub floor, replaced all the trim, and in the garage degreased the floor and Kilzed the walls and ceiling.  

We expected to paint and replace carpet, which would have been fine, but there are a few thousand dollars worth of materials and labor here that should not have been necessary.

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