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Wondering if someone can recommend a cpa that knows real estate in the St. Cloud mn area? Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Nicholas Jestus . I've found that in some cases it is better to find a professional in the area of expertise you need rather than one that is close by. Almost all of the amazing things a CPA can do with rental property is at the federal level, which means the state is almost irrelevant. Skype, Facetime, and those types of products have made geography less important.

If you are looking for awesome CPAs that know their real estate, look up @Linda Weygant , @Brandon Hall , and @Amanda Han . They are the probably the best in the RE biz.

Hi Nicholas,

I work in Brooklyn Park but our firm has an office in St. Cloud.  I have driven there for client meetings in the past but depending on the circumstances a phone call or other means is sometimes easier.  I personally invest in residential rehabs with an objective of flipping or buying and holding depending on the terms of the deal and the market.  On the tax side I have a masters in tax and my largest single family investor in MN has over 100 properties.

If you are interested in a phone conversation feel free to send me a message and I will reach out to you.  


John Woodrich

PS - I also know about filing a form 3115 for a change in accounting method to correct a problem when prior depreciation hasn't been taken.  Easier to discuss on the phone.

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