On the hunt for a CPA/EA for a RE investor

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Good morning from the desert. I am on the hunt for a CPA / EA / firm I can interview (and hire) to take over this tax filing year. So ... basically now. I have interviewed a couple, and have a couple more set up. But I'm keeping my eyes & ears open. I have a budget in mind but more than anything, I want someone who knows the business inside & out and can save me more than I spend. Ha, don't we all! 

If you are that person, or you have someone you recommend, please feel free to post here or send me a PM. I am looking for someone to start ASAP!

I don't care where you are located as long as you can work with me over the phone, internet, etc. Does not need to local. I don't have time to come sit in your office anyway.

I keep great books. I'm basically handing you numbers and you work your magic. No sorting through receipts.

Have a great FRIDAY! 


@Laci J. Bless your heart for keeping great books. 

This is the number one way to keep your costs down. I literally have to charge people $200 an hour to remove staples and open their mail sometimes- It's madness. And I get so many paper cuts. 

There are a handful of great CPAs on here who are also investors and know the business. @Brandon Hall works totally remotely and has helped countless people. I'm out of a west coast firm and a lot of my clients are investors as well. 

What you need and who you work with should also depend somewhat on what you intend to do. Some specialize in entity structuring more, may have a lawyer on staff, ect.  

@Natalie Kolodij - thank you for your reply. And thank goodness I have enough motivation and drive to open my own mail. ;)  

I will check out your profile, and also Brandon's. Thank you for the recommendation.

At this point, I feel our needs are simply in the tax filing realm but also open to some advice. No entities or lawyers should be needed.

Thanks again!

Will be glad to help from sunny Miami. Currently working with RE investors both commercial and residential.

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This post has been removed.

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