Need help to set up LLC in Utah

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Hi - We are investing along the Wasatch Front in SL County, Weber County, Davis County. We need to set up our LLC. Can anyone tell me who does a good job on this type of work in the area - somebody that knows real estate tax law?

You can set up your LLC by going to LLC University, going to your state, and following the steps. The set up isn't very difficult. But since there is a 'we', I'm assuming there are partners involved. For that, you'd need to find an attorney to draft a good operating agreement and go from there. Best of luck!

@Cody Backus and the folks at Breglio Law are attorneys that do this in their sleep.

You can create an LLC pretty easily on your own in Utah. But a multi-member LLC will require an operating agreement between the parties. This is where the attorney comes in.

Good luck!

Thanks @William Hochstedler for the shout out. @Nicole Stoddard , we have formed thousands of LLCs for real estate investors here in Utah and would be glad to help you set this up. Feel free to reach out to me at our office or send a private message and we can discuss in greater detail.  

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