Looking for a good CPA

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Hello all,

I am in the Louisville, KY market and I am looking for a CPA to handle the tax side of my business. I am a new investor with 2 SFR, soon to be 3, and I need some direction and tax strategies. I would prefer a local firm but it's not required. I had a first consultation with Pro Vision Wealth today and while I like their structure, it was a little pricey for me at this time. Also, what are some good questions to ask a CPA when interviewing them?

@Fredie Robinson I do not know any good "Investor" CPAs in Louisville, but if I was moving to a new town I would do one of the following: 1) Attend the next REIA meeting, and ask other investors who they use as a CPA. 2) Ask Realtors who they use. People associated with Real Estate will be able to point you to a CPA who has worked with investors. This is how I found our life saver here in NE FLorida. Best of luck to you.

hello. I just recently hired Michelle from Fit money CPA. She seems very knowledgeable on the real estate side and reasonable too. I don't have that complicated a portfolio, so she works just fine. Good luck. 

Mike Grinnan - jmgcpa.com - does great work for me and for a lot of experienced RE investors in Louisville. I am not sure if he is taking new clients, though.