Looking for a Colorado CPA.

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Good morning. I am looking for a recommendation for a CPA either local to Denver or a remote CPA with experience with CO taxes. I have two rentals and a primary residence and one W2 income. No other investments to figure out. Thank you. Christian

Most remote CPAs should have experience in real estate state income taxes, particularly states that are hot for real estate investors, such as Colorado. There are several of us CPAs on here who work remotely. Reach out to a couple and see who you feel would be able to help you best.

A lot of us can help you while not being in CO. But if you need CO, one possible place to check out is http://www.secure-accounting.com/

@Christian Chevier

Based on your profile - It appears that you are "house hacking" where you rent out a portion of your house to a tenant and live in the remaining area.
The way this is reported on your tax return is that you are able to expense or capitalize items that are directly related to the areas where you have a tenant. You can then take a pro-rated amount of depreciation, property taxes, mortgage interest and repairs as a rental expense based on either rented rooms / total rooms or square foot provided to tenant over total square footage.

If you haven't done this in the past - you may want to have a CPA look at your past returns to see if you can amend it.

Also - congrats on purchasing the property in Akron!
as a result of your property in Ohio - You will be required to file a nonresident state tax return with Ohio and report your rental income/losses.
You may get a credit for taxes paid to Ohio on your colorado resident state tax return.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

There are many CPA's that work with clients remotely. Feel free to interview with a couple and see who works out best for you.