Seeking CPA in Delaware for multi-state returns

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Seeking the services of a CPA for the first time to prepare and file individual returns.  I have multi-state residency and income in 2017 (Delaware and Maryland) in addition to a new rental property (Located in Maryland).  Ultimately, I need someone knowledgeable on both topics and am open to BP user recommendations!  I've only spoken with one private CPA firm that wanted a fortune to prepare my tax returns for what I believe to be not incredibly complex for a seasoned CPA.  Please feel free to message me here on BP as well and thanks all!

@Robert Johnston I have the perfect fit for you.  Jason Preston, owner of Accurate Accounting in Elkton, MD.  He is also an investor and owns property in DE and MD.  Tell him I sent ya.  Can't post contact info here so here is the website.

Thank you both for the recommendations!  

@Robert Johnston

Your tax profile doesn't sound too complicated.

Multi-State Residency - Did you live in DE for part of 2017 and MD for part of 2017?
or do you live in either DE/MD and your spouse lives in the other state?

Just trying to understand the "multi-state residency comment".

Ultimately - Your tax profile doesn't sound too complicated(even though i am sure there are more items not discussed here).

Was tax strategies discussed with the "private CPA"? - Tax Strategies is where you get the real value.

The thing about Jack of all trade CPA's is that they say they can do all types of returns but they are not proficient in any one type of return(ex real estate).

You should give a couple other CPA's a call and i am sure you will connect with a CPA that matches the price point you are looking for and can still provide you quality service.

@Basit Siddiqi   Thank you for the reply.  I lived in both MD and DE during 2017 to answer your residency question.  While the CPA I spoke with does offer tax strategies and planning throughout the year, we only talked about preparation of my returns.

Ultimately, you are correct - my taxes really aren't all that complicated.  I do have some additional things to consider, but they aren't major items.  I just need someone to file multi-state returns and make sure I'm getting the most out of my rental.  The rest is pretty much a fill-in-the-blank.  

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